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How much does HelpTime cost to use?

It's FREE! At HelpTime we believe in the promotion of volunteerism, and this is our way of contributing to your cause.

What if I forgot my password?

When you try to sign-in you will see a link below the password box ("Forgot your password"). Just click on that link and we will send an email to the account you have on file with HelpTime. It will include an option to reset your password. Follow the link in that email to reset your password.

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How do I change my account information (Name, Email or Password)?

After signing in - go to "My HelpTime" and select the "My Profile" bar towards the bottom of the screen. There you can change your password, first/last name or your email address.  If you change your email address you will receive a confirmation to the old email address as a security measure.

What is the "discuss" tab at the top of the sign-up sheet?

Each event has it's own discussion board. This allows people to share information about the event between each other. It can be used in planning the event and in sharing information after the event has ended. Click on the tab to toggle between the sign-up form and the discussion board.

How can I have volunteers' names hidden for privacy purposes?

On the event summary page (where you have your event name, description and dates) there is a special option section. Place a check in the box with the line "I would like volunteer names to be private". The task will then say "assigned" instead of listing the volunteers name.

How can I have exclude my event from the event search results (for privacy purposes)?

On the event summary page (where you have your event name, description and dates) there is a special option section. Place a check in the box with the line "Hide event from public search". The even will then not be shown as part of the event finder search.

Can I change the frequency that reminder emails are sent out?

If a user selects to receive email reminders, they will be sent to volunteers the day before their task is due. With the special option section on the event summary screen you can add an additional reminder for any day between 2 and 14 days before the task due date.

Can I send emails to a limited group of volunteers on my event?

Yes - from the communicate tab, type in your message then press the send button. You will then have the option to select or deselect to whom you want to send the email. You can also use the option "Only those who have volunteered for a task" to share detail information with only those who have signed up or to say "thank you" after the event has ended.

When setting up an event, can I copy tasks?

You can't copy a task - but if you need the same task for multiple people to volunteer for, you can create multiple tasks with the same description, dates and times. After selecting "Add Task" you enter the task information - at the bottom of that screen (before pressing save) there is an option to create any number of copies of that task.

I have a lot of volunteers that I work with. Is there a way I can avoid manually typing them all in?

Yes - There is an automated import capability that lets you import a file of your contacts into a distribution list.

To do this first you need a ".csv" file that includes first name, last name and email address (you can create this by exporting from your local email personal address book). In HelpTime go to the "My HelpTime" screen and to the "My Distribution List" bar. Select an existing list or create a new one, then with the button "Import Members from File" you will be walked through the process of importing your file to that distribution list.

What is a distribution list? How would I benefit by using one?

A distribution list is a group of volunteer contacts. Distribution lists allow you to create groups (or lists) of volunteers that you can include on your events.

When you create an event, you can select to add volunteers from a distribution list (from the volunteer tab). Doing this automatically includes everyone on that distribution list to your event.

Have a question or something you don't see here?

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback please let us know at [email protected].